The Laziest Blogger Ever

I’m not so good with the 30 day blog challenges.

I always think, “Oh! It’s ok to miss one. I’ll do two tomorrow! No problem!!”

Then tomorrow comes, and I don’t do any.

So I think, “Oh! I’ll catch up this weekend! Fifteen blog posts in two days? No problem!!”


So I think this time, I’ll do the 30 day challenge on my own terms. I obviously don’t care if I get it done in a month. I have things like school and a social life to keep up with, so it’s hard to do.

But I’m promising the maybe one reader I have that I’ll blog at least once a week. I need it. It’s good for me.

So now that I’ve promised something that I’m sure to not keep up with, I’ll fill you in on my life lately.

A few exciting things have happened in the past couple of months. School started again in January, and I love my classes this semester. My favorite is creative writing, closely followed by painting.

It’s funny, because I always liked the thought of me being a writer, but I never though any of my creative writing was very good. But then I did NaNoWriMo last November, and I got really into it. I didn’t finish my novel, I didn’t even get close, but I’m still working on it.

And my first creative writing piece went over really well! My teacher picked it for the class workshop, along with three other stories, and mine’s gotten really good compliments. I might post it on here, later.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been reading more? In the last six months, I’ve read three novels. I know this isn’t a huge number, but it’s more than I read the year before. That makes me really sad. I used Β to read two books a month. I devoured them like they were going to vanish if I didn’t finish them in a certain amount of time. I’m glad I finally had some time to finish one, let alone three!

I also decided I was moving out of my mom’s house at the end of July! I had to anyway for school, but my best friend’s boyfriend was recently told he would be deployed to Afghanistan in the fall, so I’ll be moving in with her while he’s gone. It’s really going to help me out, but it’s a scary thought that someone I know (who isn’t in my family) will be over there.

So with that, I promise you another blog next week. And who knows! Maybe you’ll get two Β πŸ™‚


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