* Day 09 — A photo you took

I took this picture when we were going to Hawaii.  We had just left Seattle after an awful day of delayed flights and sibling rivalry, and I was sitting next to an extremely attractive boy.  Too bad his girlfriend was sitting on the other side of him.

So, I spent the majority of the six hour flight staring out the tiny plane window.  We had left at exactly the right time, and only an hour into the flight I got to witness the sunset.  I’d seen impressive sunsets from the ground in Missouri, and for a moment I wasn’t too excited about what was happening not too far from me.  We were eye level with the sun.  And then I realized I could not only see bright blue skies, a setting sun, and the infinitely deep ocean below us.

I’m ashamed to admit that accidentally woke up the hot guy (whom in my mind I called “James”) in an effort to grab my camera from the purse that had unknowingly fallen over.  Those airplane seats are tiny, and my elbow didn’t understand the idea of a personal bubble.   And of course I hadn’t zipped it (because what if I needed more lip gloss to impress James?) so hot only was my camera on the floor, but so was my wallet, boarding passes, phone, and iPod, with the carefully wrapped headphones now unraveled and somehow attached to the seat in front of me.

I carefully scooted the camera closer to me with my foot, and leaned over to grab it.  My elbow slipped again.  James either didn’t feel it, or was trying to ignore my persistent jabbing.

To wrap this story up, I took a lot of pictures.  James saw me do this.  I blushed.

But now I have some pretty awesome pictures.


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