* Day 07 — A photo that makes you happy

All of my favorite people, acting like themselves.

I don’t care how awful I look here, I want a 20×24 of this in black and white hanging in my home someday.

My family is complicated. We rarely all agree on anything, no matter how trivial, and this causes more problems than it should.  My uncle is 35 and is yet to have really grown up, my mom is the stereotypical know it all only sister, my other uncle is the stereotypical Army career macho guy who also thinks he knows it all.  My grandma clearly plays favorites sometimes.  My oldest cousin doesn’t act her age, my middle cousin acts much older, and the youngest is genius and the coolest person I know. My sisters are, well, my sisters, and I’m sure I’m a mix of all of them, not always the easiest one to get along with.

But I wouldn’t trade any of them for another.


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