* Day 06 —15 random facts about yourself

1. I’m majorly obsessed with all things Glee and Harry Potter.

2. I’ve never gotten a speeding ticket. Until today.

3. I’m glad I’m not pursuing photography as a career anymore. I don’t have enough confidence in myself to do that forever. But I’ll do it for now to make some spare cash.

4. My biggest fear is never finding someone who loves me as much as I love them.

5. I’m horribly addicted to spending money. I’m getting better, though.

6. One of my classes this year is Human Sexuality, and it’s the best class I’ve ever taken in college. Most people would find that shocking. But in reality, I’m the most dirty minded virgin I know.

7. I can have a mouth worse than a sailor’s.

8. I play the flute. I wish I hadn’t quite band sometimes, but then I remember how much I hated marching.

9. My favorite book is The Great Gatsby, but I’ve only read it once, and I don’t own it.

10. Some days, I’m extraordinarily lazy and it makes me mad. I could have accomplished so much if I would have just gotten off the couch.

11. My family and best friends are my world.

12. I love the town I live in, but I hate living here. I’d much rather live in Springfield or the town my grandma lives in.

13. I can’t wait to move out of my mom’s house, but the thought scares me.

14. I desperately want to go back to Europe.

15. I’m awful about snooping into people’s personal lives, and there are some things I’ve found out that I wish every day I didn’t know.


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