* Day 04 — Your favorite quote

Today I’m supposed to tell you what my favorite quote is.  I laughed that time my leg fell asleep and started violently twitching, and my cousin told me I could possibly have polio.  I laughed because no one gets polio anymore.  Right?   I thought it was cool when Peter Pan said “To die would be an awfully big adventure”.  And then I cried a little.  But I can’t pick a defining quote that I live by.  Isn’t that why most quotes become famous?  Because we take them as words of advice, and believe the person who spoke them is the most intelligent human being to ever walk the planet?

So instead, I’m going to leave you all with some little tidbits of information that I have gathered through the years.  Technically, they are quotes because someone at one time uttered these words to me.  Or I just came up with them all on my own, because I am a frickin GENIUS.

Man who goes to bed with itchy butt wakes up with stinky finger.  (Thank you, Uncle Chris)

Be yourself.

Everything happens for a reason and works out the way it’s supposed to. That’s what makes you who you are.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it. (My 75 year old great grandmother said this to me during our cousin’s wedding. She wore an extremely revealing dress. We thought grandma would be mortified. She wasn’t.)

Be a simple person if you want to be.  You don’t have to own the latest gadets or dress extremely fashionably to matter.  Everyone in this world matters.

If it happens, it happens.  There isn’t a whole lot you can do to stop it now.


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